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PowerSmart PSSAM24 Snow Blower Review





Power Type:

Gas Powered

Size/Clearing Width:



Two Stage


Electric Start, Recoil Start,
Multidirectional Chute,
Self Propelled

Our Review:

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Is the PowerSmart PSSAM24 a good choice for a snow blower? Well, that's exactly what we'll tackle here with our review on this gas-powered snow blower!

When wintertime is upon us, probably the first thing that a homeowner has to consider is how to deal with the insane amount of snow that's falling at that time of year. The cold sheets of icy white blanket the ground, layer upon layer until, before you know it, it's got you trapped indoors.

This is the reason you need a good-quality snow blower as part of your winter arsenal. It lets you deal with the sheets of snow before they become too big of a problem and, if you're like me, you find a lot of satisfaction in moving around huge amounts of snow! (It's just satisfying!!)

While there are many snow blowers available in the market (with varying degrees of quality), in this article, we're putting the spotlight on the PowerSmart PSSAM24. 

While our review and experience with this snow blower is favorable (mostly), let's go over all its features, weigh its pros and cons, and determine if it's the kind of snow blower worth investing in.

PowerSmart PSSAM24 Snow Blower

Our Favorite Features:

Here's a rundown of the main feature of the PowerSmart PSSAM24 that you should be aware of before buying:

The engine - Probably the most important thing to worry about when getting a snow blower is the power of the engine. You want an engine that has the strength to shovel as much snow out of your way as possible.

At the same time, you don't want an engine that'll cost you an arm and a leg in fuel every time you try to clear out your driveway. In that, the 212cc 4-cycle PowerSmart engine you get with this product is not bad at all and it can definitely get the job done better than I was expecting!e

Self-Propelled With 6-forward, 2-backward speeds - Easily cut through snow with speed control, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds for enhanced driving convenience

Another great aspect of this machine is its versatility. Whether you're dealing with biblical levels of snow, or are simply a neat freak and want to see your driveway as free from white as possible, there's likely going to be a setting on the PowerSmart PSSAM24 that's ideal for that purpose. That's not to say that other snowblowers don't offer that feature too though. It's just that for its price, it's good to know that the PowerSmart PSSAM24 can be an all-around kind of snowblower.

Quick start - Ever spent a good 10 minutes trying to get the engine of your snowblower to start. Well, I have, and let me tell you, nothing kills the momentum more than that kind of purgatory. Luckily, the PowerSmart PSSAM24 has kept up with the ranks of the modern snowblowers in the market by being a quick start machine. It might not seem like a big deal but believe me, a quick starting snowblower saves you a whole lot of time.

13-inch pneumatic deep-tread tires - The tires are durable and can withstand the icy cold ground pretty well. On top of that, the wheels tend to propel themselves either forward or backward depending on which button you push. This offers for as seamless a use as possible. The fact that they're pneumatic means they provide better traction and friction towards the ground. And even though the rubber of the wheels are thick, being that they're filled with compressed air, be wary of anything on the ground that could puncture it.

12-inch tall all-steel augers 

PSSAM24 Augers

Personally, this is my favorite feature about the PowerSmart PSSAM24. These blades effortly cut through the snow like butter and leave behind a relatively clear, snow-free path of about 20 inches in depth. This, along with the engine, make sure that you're blowing away as much snow as possible -- giving you the chance to finish as soon as possible too and get back to the warmth of your home. Just be careful with where you point those blades though as they are sharp and can definitely hurt someone.

2-year warranty coverage - As with any machinery with lots of moving parts, a warranty is greatly appreciated. With the PowerSmart PSSAM24, you get a nice and comfy 2-year warranty that's standard for all the PowerSmart snowblowers. Personally, though, I have never had any reason to use the warranty so I can't say whether or not their customer service accommodating.

Other features

The snowblower also features adjustable metal skid shoes. This lets you set the bottom removal height to how high you want it -- allowing you to use the snowblower on varying kinds of terrain.

The PowerSmart PSSAM24 boasts 180 degrees chute rotation allowing for better snow-blowing control.

This lets you move snow off  to the side where they're not bothering anyone or towards your annoying neighbor's lawn! 🤣

As for the snow blowing, it can launch snow as far as 40 feet away. (Again, Annoying Neighbor's lawn...)

Pros & Cons


The PowerSmart PSSAM24 has a wealth of features that will appeal to many customers. It's easy enough to understand where the machine's strengths lie from the start. I've listed a number of things that make the PowerSmart PSSAM24 worth it, as follows:

  • It's definitely a strong machine. There's no denying that the PowerSmart PSSAM24 is a heck of a strong snowblower. Think of it as the younger brother of the PowerSmart PSS2260L, it might not pack as quite as strong a punch but it's definitely part of the same family. Getting this snowblower can more or less guarantee that your snow-blanketed property will be cleared in no time.
  • It's durable. The machine is made from good quality steel and does not rust easily. It can also easily deal with wet and hard snow alike.
  • It's versatile. As stated above, there are very few terrains that the PowerSmart PSSAM24 can't deal with. It has a multitude of settings, a powerful engine, and a sturdy design -- allowing it to glide over more than just your driveway or backyard. Many reviewers have also stated that they use the machine outside of their homes -- helping out to clear roads and ballparks too.
  • It's built to last. Of course with a little TLC now and again, you have a snowblower that can last you many, many winters. You get the PowerSmart PSSAM24 when you're one of those people who doesn't want to keep buying snowblowers every wintertime.


When there are goods, there will also be some bad. Even the PowerSmart PSSAM24 is not free from some things that might put people off from buying it. Here are some of the things I've found that might make you think twice before getting this machine:

  • It might be a bit too much for some people. Though winter can get really bad, and blizzards can make it even worse, people have different problems that require different kinds of tools. Perhaps you don't have that big a property and don't really need a machine that big or powerful. Perhaps you live in a place where a simple snow shovel, or a less powerful snow blower, will do the trick. In cases like that, the PowerSmart PSSAM24 might indeed be overkill.
  • Shipping problems. Though rare, some reviewers have complained that the unit was delivered either damaged or missing the necessary instructions. If it's your first time dealing with a snow blower, then using it without reading the instructions first is not recommended.

Review & Final Verdict

The PowerSmart PSSAM24 is definitely up there among the high-quality snowblower, AND - for a fraction of the price of the more expensive models!

The engine, blades, and all the technology it boasts will get the snow out of your space as efficiently and swiftly as one can expect from a machine of its price.

If you're looking for a snowblower to last you a long time, and get that snow away from your driveway as quickly as possible, then the PowerSmart PSSAM24 is a buy you won't regret.

  • PROS: Efficient, easy to operate, clears snow well, price
  • CONS: The reverse gears (self-propelled) don't always work, I usually have to let the gear disengage and pull it backwards

The PowerSmart PSSAM24 can be expected to tackle snowfalls of up to twenty inches without any issues which is better than many more expensive models on the market.

Its compact design also makes it very easy to maneuver, so you won't have any issues steering this machine around your property.. For those who are after an incredibly efficient machine, which won't break the bank either, look no further than the Husqvarna PowerSmart PSSAM24. It costs far less than most other high quality machines, and still does a great job!

So what are you waiting for? The PowerSmart PSSAM24 is going nowhere fast! If you're struggling to shovel your driveway every time it snows - why not get yourself one of these machines today.

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If you're dead set on a 2-stage snow blower, then you may also like the Husqvarna ST224 Snow Blower, or the Ariens 28 Deluxe SHO.

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