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The good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of the Snow Joe SJ625E

And here we are again! Another review, another snowblower, another article talking about the struggle of dealing with a large amount of snow blocking your driveway.

I have always wondered to myself that of all the places that we, as humans, could settle in, we do seem to enjoy settling in the very inhospitable parts of the planet.

Having four seasons might offer great pictures and all but you can only shovel so much snow before one starts to think about moving to the tropics!

That being said, no matter what terrain we call home, human ingenuity has allowed us to make the tools we need for life in the bitter cold. One such tool is the snow blower, a machine designed to move tons of snow out off to one side to make way for and our vehicles.

If you are one of those human beings who find themselves residing in a snow-heavy area, investing in a snowblower is kind of a no-brainier.

In this article, we'll be talking about one snowblower in specific, the Snow Joe SJ625E -- the younger brother of the Snow Joe SJ627E.  

We'll also be addressing questions such as the following:

  • Is the SJ625e better than the SJ627e?
  • Do the specs of the Snow Joe SJ625E make it a good option for your snow shoveling needs?
  • How does it match up to other snowblowers in the market?

All that and more will be answered in the following sections.

Notable Features:

  • 15 Amp Motor. With the Snow Joe SJ625E, you're basically getting the same motor as the Snow Joe SJ627E, which is pretty decent but raises questions about whether or not the Snow Joe SJ627E is worth the higher price tag (more on that later). Nevertheless, getting the Snow Joe SJ625E offers a reliable electric motor that's efficient with electricity consumption and packs enough power to run the impressively sized augers.
  • Durable Steel Augers With 2 Rubber Blades. These augers sported by the Snow Joe SJ625E are proven to cut through snow like butter. It can shave off 12 inches tops and leave behind a path 21 inches wide with each pass.

sj625e augers

  • Plowing capacity of 800 lbs/min. Despite being an electrical snow blower, the Snow Joe SJ625E can shovel a decent amount of snow at quite a decent rate as well. Per-minute, the Snow Joe SJ625E can move 800 pounds of snow and throw it at a distance of 20 ft. For comparison, the Snow Joe SJ623E and SJ624E have a plowing capacity of 720 lbs/min and 730 lbs/min, respectively.
  • Electric-powered. Whether you see this as a strength or weakness, no one can deny that being electrically powered means that you really don't have to worry about things like gas and maintenance for the Snow Joe SJ625E. You're kind of trading in power and performance for affordability and ease of use when you get the Snow Joe SJ625E over the pricier gas-powered snowblowers.
  • LED Headlamps. A nice little feature that the Snow Joe SJ625E, as well as the other Snow Joe snow blowers, is that it sports a pair of headlamps that makes it easier and safer to use the device at night. The 3W LED lights are certainly strong enough to light what's directly in front of the snowblower when using it at night or before the sun comes up!

Other Features

  • Another notable feature is that the SJ625E comes with the standard 3-year warranty that all Snow Joe products have. This means that if your unit breaks during the warranty period, they will send you over a new one along with a prepaid label to send them back the broken unit. Not a bad deal if you ask me.
  • There is an option to buy the unit with a outdoor 100-foot extension cord, just to save you the hassle of trying to find the right one. And of course, the unit also comes with a manually adjustable

Pros & Cons


Here are some of the features that make the Snow Joe SJ625E a worthy purchase:

  • Gas-free. Though gas-powered snow blowers are generally more efficient and can deal with larger piles of snow much faster, some people might not be willing to pay extra every now and then for gas and maintenance of such a complex piece of machinery. To the Snow Joe SJ625E credits, once the machine is plugged in it's a very straightforward matter after that. If you have a small property and would like something simple to deal with the snow, then the Snow Joe SJ625E is a pretty safe bet.
  • Cost-effective. Price-wise, the Snow Joe SJ625E is cheaper than the Snow Joe SJ627E and cheaper than gas-powered snow blowers. It also consumes less energy than most other electric snow blowers in the market. That, along with the warranty and frequent discounts the machine is sold, then you're in for a sure bargain. If affordability is what you're in search of, then you can rest assured that the Snow Joe SJ625E won't break the bank.
  • Decent motor. The 15 Amp motor is comparable to the slightly more expensive Snow Joe SJ627E and has enough power to get the job done for a small to medium-sized property.


There are the features that, in my opinion, holds the unit back and possibly might put some people off from buying it:

  • Weaker than gas-powered snowblowers. More of a question of need, if you have a large property, or have to deal with higher volumes of snow than usual, then you might need a higher-powered machine. The Snow Joe SJ625E is great for driveways and backyards, being more of a personal use kind of machine. If you need something a little more powerful though, a machine that can deal with blizzard-level aftermath, then you're gonna need a gas-powered machine. An electrical snowblower simply cannot handle heavier kinds of tasks.
  • It's NOT battery powered, so you're stuck having to use an extension cord. To me, this is the greatest nuisance of using an electrical snow blower. You're limited in your mobility because you always have to make sure that the cord is long enough and that machine is plugged into a power source. Even with a small property, it can be kind of difficult to ensure that the's enough room for the snowblower to move and not get tangled. It gets even harder if you have multiple poles or trees on your property. You also have to take care to get the right kind of extension cord. Remember, you're dealing with electricity in the damp, wet snow so getting all the electrical components is important to avoid accidents.
  • Might need several passes to get most of the snow out. At a plowing depth of 12 inches, the machine is serviceable but will definitely need to be taken on several passes around the property to get all the snow out of the way. This is even more true if you're dealing with the aftermath of a blizzard or heavy snowfall the day before. Unlike the quick plowing power of the larger gas-powered snow blowers, a homeowner needs to work a little bit more when working with the Snow Joe SJ625E.

Review & Final Verdict


According to one Amazon Review, this is "A Cheap Electric Snow Blower That Will Get The Job Done!"

I too have to give it props, though not the top of the line, the Snow Joe SJ625e snow blower has enough specs in it to be considered a good enough option for a homeowner on a budget.

It is ideal for small to medium-sized properties with a manageable volume of snow. Basically, you get the Snow Joe SJ625E so that you don't have to spend hours shoveling.

This snow blower has a light and compact design that is easy for anyone to handle and store.

Just remember, you'll need a power outlet nearby to plug this blower in because it doesn't come with its own battery or charging system.

That being said, whether you are a homeowner who wants to clear an individual sidewalk or a drive, the Snow Joe SJ625E snow blower is definitely worth your consideration.

For smaller properties, I love it and suggest you pick one up now!

I recommend this snow blower for those of you who have light snowfall at most and don't need a device that is super powerful. Or if you just want it as an "on the side" type of tool, but not necessarily as your primary option.

It is also great for anyone with small properties and no more than 2 feet of snow at max per storm.

On the other hand, if you need something that can move tons of snow efficiently off a larger property or lot, then I suggest you get yourself a gas-powered snowblower.

A gas-powered model might be a little more pricey but it will last you longer and get the job done faster.

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