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EGO Power+ SNT2102 Review

Here is a comprehensive review of the EGO Power+ SNT2102 and what you should know before getting it

It's no secret here that I am more than a little skeptical when it comes to electric snow blowers. It's not that I'm paid by fuel and gas companies to automatically shame electric snow blowers for their faults, it's because I have owned numerous electric snow blowers and I keep ending up having to buy a new one. At this point, it's not pessimism against electric-powered things that steers me away from electric snow blowers, it's the financial trauma.

Yes, most electric snow blowers will tend to leave more to be desired, but that's not in any way a gross generalization. Again, human ingenuity has a way of solving all sorts of problems if you let it. There are indeed some electric snow blowers in the market that seem to be able to hold their own against their gas-powered counterparts. Machines that are to electric snow blowers what Tesla is to electric cars.

 The EGO Power+ SNT2102 professes to be one such machine. It claims to have peak power technology and that its batteries are strong enough to last 1000 charging cycles. Are these just advertising gimmicks or is there really something in the EGO Power+ SNT2102 worth looking at and maybe even investing in? Well, let's find out together!

EGO Power + SNT2102 Features:

Power and Battery

EGO Power+ SNT2102 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower with Peak Power Two 5.0Ah Batteries and Charger Included

The EGO Power+ SNT2102 utilizes Peak Power™ technology with two advanced 56-volt ARC Lithium™ batteries. This technology delivers performance comparable to gas models, efficiently clearing even thick, wet snow without the fumes and noise associated with gas engines. This feature is crucial for users in heavy snowfall areas, providing a powerful yet environmentally friendly alternative, reducing operating costs and environmental impact.

High-efficiency Brushless Motor

This snowblower is equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor that provides increased power and efficiency, along with a longer lifespan than traditional motors. Capable of throwing snow up to 35 feet, it can handle large driveways and paths with ease, making it essential for those in regions with severe winter conditions.

Ease of Operation

Remote Chute Adjustment

The EGO Power+ SNT2102 enhances user convenience with a push-button start and handle-mounted chute adjustment. This eliminates the traditional pull-cord starting method, offering immediate, hassle-free operation, and allows for easy control of where the snow is thrown, ideal for users who may find manual adjustments cumbersome in cold weather.

Clearing Width and Depth

With a 21-inch clearing width and the capability to handle snow depths of up to 10 inches, this model is well-suited for residential use. It clears paths and driveways efficiently in fewer passes than smaller models, saving significant time and effort.

Variable Auger Speed Control

The variable auger speed control feature allows users to adjust the throwing distance of the snow. This adaptability is crucial for effectively managing snow removal in varying conditions and different area layouts, from narrow walkways to wide driveways.

Quick-fold Handle

The quick-fold handle feature supports easy storage and transportation. This design is especially beneficial for those with limited storage space or who need to transport their snowblower between properties, making the snowblower more manageable and less intrusive when not in use.

LED Headlights

Equipped with two bright LED headlights, the snowblower offers increased visibility during low-light conditions. This is a significant advantage for those who need to clear snow early in the morning or after sunset, enhancing safety and allowing for effective operation no matter the time of day.

Quiet Operation

Unlike gas models, the EGO Power+ SNT2102 operates quietly, making it an excellent choice for residential areas where noise may be a concern. This allows for early morning or late evening snow clearing without disturbing neighbors.


This electric snowblower requires less maintenance than gas-powered units, with no need for oil changes, spark plug maintenance, or fuel refills. This low-maintenance aspect is particularly appealing to those who prefer a simple, reliable solution for snow removal.

Environmental Impact

The zero-emission operation of the EGO Power+ SNT2102 is a key selling point for environmentally conscious consumers. It aligns with sustainability goals by eliminating the carbon footprint associated with gasoline-powered alternatives.

Durability and Warranty

Constructed with robust materials and backed by a 5-year warranty, this snowblower is built to last and offers peace of mind. The warranty covers major components, ensuring that consumers can invest in the product with confidence.

Weight and Maneuverability

Weighing just 25 pounds, this model is significantly lighter than many gas-powered units, enhancing its maneuverability and ease of use. This feature makes the snowblower accessible to a broader range of users, including those who might find heavier models challenging to operate.


The compact design and foldable handle enhance the snowblower’s storage convenience, an important factor for those with limited space. It allows the unit to be neatly tucked away during the off-season, preserving garage space for other uses.

Charging and Run Time

The fast charging capability and efficient battery usage provide ample run time to complete typical residential snow clearing tasks on a single charge. This feature ensures that users can manage their snow removal needs effectively without frequent stops to recharge, making the snowblower more efficient and ready to use whenever needed.

Each of these features contributes to making the EGO Power+ SNT2102 a versatile, user-friendly, and environmentally conscious choice for snow removal, addressing the key concerns and needs of most residential users.

Snowblower Comparison: EGO Power+ SNT2102 vs Competitors

To help you determine the best choice for your winter needs, here’s how the EGO Power+ SNT2102 stacks up against its main competitors in key areas:

Feature EGO Power+ SNT2102 Troy-Bilt 2890 Storm Tracker PowerSmart 2-Stage Snow Joe 48-Volt Ariens Platinum
Type Single-stage Two-stage Two-stage Single-stage Two-stage
Power Source Battery Gas Gas Battery Gas
Clearing Width 21 inches 28 inches 24 inches 18 inches 24 inches
Weight 25 pounds Heavier with tracks 160 pounds Lightweight Heavier
Self-Propelled No Yes Yes
Emissions Zero emissions Gas emissions Gas emissions Zero emissions Gas emissions
Maintenance Low High High Low High
Price Mid-range Higher Moderate Affordable High

Competitive Advantages of the EGO Power+ SNT2102

  • Eco-Friendliness: Unlike gas-powered models like the Troy-Bilt 2890, PowerSmart 2-Stage, and Ariens Platinum, the EGO Power+ SNT2102 offers zero-emission operation, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Quiet Operation: It operates much quieter than its gas-powered counterparts, ideal for residential areas where noise levels are a concern.
  • Low Maintenance: Without the need for oil changes or fuel management, it requires less upkeep compared to gas models, reducing long-term maintenance costs.
  • Lightweight Design: At just 25 pounds, it is easier to maneuver and handle than heavier models, particularly in tight spaces.

Competitive Advantages of Competitors Over the EGO Power+ SNT2102

  • Wider Clearing Width: Models like the Troy-Bilt 2890 and Ariens Platinum offer a wider clearing width, which can handle larger areas more efficiently.
  • Self-Propelled Feature: Competitors like the Troy-Bilt 2890 and Ariens Platinum are self-propelled, providing easier maneuverability in heavy snow conditions without much physical effort.
  • Power for Heavy Snow: Gas-powered models generally provide more torque, making the PowerSmart 2-Stage and Ariens Platinum better suited for deep, heavy snow.

Why the EGO Power+ SNT2102 Might Be a Better PurchaseThe EGO Power+ SNT2102 is an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between eco-friendliness and effective snow clearing capabilities.

Its battery-powered operation not only offers a quieter and cleaner alternative to traditional gas snow blowers but also reduces the ongoing maintenance hassles associated with them.

For homeowners with moderate snow clearing needs who prioritize sustainability and ease of use, the EGO Power+ SNT2102 stands out as a compelling choice, providing significant long-term benefits in reduced operating costs and environmental impact.

Pros & Cons


Here are some of the features that make the EGO Power+ SNT2102 a worthy purchase:

  • Eco-Friendly: Zero emissions during operation, making it a greener choice than gas-powered models.
  • Low Maintenance: No need for oil changes, spark plug maintenance, or fuel refills, reducing upkeep costs and effort.
  • Quiet Operation: Operates quietly, suitable for residential areas where noise can be a concern.
  • Ease of Use: Features such as push-button start and lightweight design make it user-friendly and easy to maneuver.
  • LED Headlights: Enhances visibility with built-in LED headlights, allowing for safer and more effective use in low-light conditions.


There are the features that, in my opinion, holds the unit back and possibly might put some people off from buying it:

  • Limited Snow Clearing Depth: Only effective up to 10 inches of snow, which may not suffice for areas with heavier snowfall.
  • Battery Dependency: Reliance on batteries can be limiting if the battery life is insufficient for clearing larger areas or during very cold weather.
  • Initial Cost: Higher upfront cost compared to some traditional gas snowblowers, potentially a significant investment.
  • No Self-Propulsion: Lack of a self-propelled feature can make it more labor-intensive to use, especially in heavy snow.
  • Handling Wet, Heavy Snow: Less effective in dealing with wet, heavy snow compared to more robust gas models.

Review & Final Verdict

The EGO Power+ SNT2102 stands out as a robust and efficient electric snow blower, packed with features that make it a commendable choice for those with small to medium-sized properties. Its eco-friendly design, low noise output, and ease of maintenance are significant advantages for residential use. If you're looking for a reliable snow blower that balances performance with environmental consciousness, this model is definitely worth considering.

However, it's important to recognize the limitations of the EGO Power+ SNT2102. While it excels in handling moderate snowfalls, it may not meet the needs of those with larger properties or in areas where heavy, wet snow is common. For such demanding conditions, a more powerful gas-powered snow blower might be necessary to efficiently manage the increased workload.

For smaller properties, I love it and suggest you pick one up now!

For homeowners with smaller lots or lighter snow clearing needs, the EGO Power+ SNT2102 is an excellent investment. Its user-friendly features and durable design make it a smart purchase that can help make winter maintenance much easier.

Conversely, if you are dealing with extensive snow clearing over large areas, consider opting for a gas-powered model. Though these may come at a higher upfront cost, their robust performance and capability to handle significant snowfall quickly may provide better value in the long run.

In summary, the EGO Power+ SNT2102 is a top contender among electric snow blowers, ideal for those who prioritize sustainability and ease of use. For more demanding snow removal tasks, a gas-powered alternative might be more suitable. Thank you for considering this review, and I hope it helps you find the perfect snow blower for your needs. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How long does the battery last on a single charge?

A: The battery typically provides enough power to clear a 10-car driveway with 8 inches of snow on a single charge. Runtime can vary based on snow conditions and battery model. (Reference: EGO manufacturer specifications)

Q2: Is the snow blower heavy?

A: No, it's quite lightweight, weighing only about 25 pounds. This makes it easy to maneuver and operate, especially compared to heavier gas-powered models. (Reference: EGO product review)

Q3: Can it handle deep snow?

A: Yes, it can effectively handle snow depths up to 10 inches, which suits most residential needs. The 21-inch wide intake helps manage moderate to heavy snowfall efficiently. (Reference: EGO product review)

Q4: How long does it take to charge the battery?

A: The rapid charger included with some models can recharge a 5.0 Ah battery in about 40 minutes, making it quick and convenient to get back to clearing snow if needed. (Reference: EGO product review)

Q5: Does it work well in the dark?

A: Yes, it is equipped with two bright LED headlights that enhance visibility during early morning or late-night operations. This feature is especially useful during the shorter days of winter. (Reference: EGO product review)

Q6: What type of warranty does it come with?

A: It comes with a 5-year limited warranty, which covers major components and provides peace of mind regarding the durability and quality of the snow blower. (Reference: EGO warranty information)

Q7: Is it easy to store when not in use?

A: Yes, it features a quick-fold handle that allows for compact storage. This design is beneficial for those with limited space in their garage or shed. (Reference: EGO product review)

Q8: How noisy is it during operation?

A: It operates much quieter than gas-powered models, making it ideal for residential areas where noise may be a concern. This allows users to clear snow early in the morning or late at night without disturbing neighbors. (Reference: EGO product review)

Q9: Does it require a lot of maintenance?

A: No, one of the major advantages of this model is its low maintenance. Unlike gas snow blowers, there’s no need for oil changes, spark plug maintenance, or fuel refills. (Reference: EGO product review)

Q10: Is it environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, it produces zero emissions during operation, making it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to gas snow blowers. This is a significant advantage for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint. (Reference: EGO environmental impact statement)

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